Symmetry and Perturbation Theory 
Proceedings of the International Conference SPT2001 
held in Cala Gonone, Sardinia, on 6-13 May 2001

Edited by 
Dario Bambusi, Giuseppe Gaeta and Mariano Cadoni 
Published by World Scientific


S. Abenda: Geometry and dynamics of hyperelliptically separable systems

F. Amdjadi: Multiple Hopf bifurcation in problems with O(2) symmetry: Kuramoto-Sivashinski equation

G.R. Belitskii, A.Ya. Kopanskii: Sternberg-Chen theorem for equivariant hamiltonian vector fields

M. Berti: A functional analysis approach to Arnold diffusion

T. Bridges, G. Derks: The symplectic Evans matrix and solitary waves instability

M.S. Bruzón, M.L. Gandarias, J. Ramirez: Classical symmetries for a Boussinesq equation with nonlinear dispersion

A. Delshams, J. Tomás Lazaro: Pseudo-normal forms and their applications

F. Diacu, E. Pérez-Chavela: Periodic orbits of Langmuir's atom

A.P.S. Dias, B. Dionne, I. Stewart: Heteroclinic cycles and wreath product symmetries

G. Gaeta: Linearizing resonant normal forms

M.L. Gandarias, M.S. Bruzón, J. Ramirez: Symmetry analysis and reduction of the Schwarz-Korteweg-deVries equation in (2+1) dimensions

C. Giberti: Tori Breakdown in Coupled Map Lattices

Yu.M. Gufan, O.D. Lalakulich, G.M. Vereshkov, G. Sartori: Evolution of the universe in two Higgs-doublets standard models

Yu.M. Gufan, A.V. Popov, G. Sartori, V. Talamini, G. Valente, E.B. Vinberg: Possible ground states of D-wave condensates in isotropic space through geometric invariant theory

Yu.M. Gufan, I.A. Sergienko, M.B. Stryukov: Parent phase as a zero approximation in phase transition theory

F. Güngor: Symmetry and reduction of the 2+1 dimensional variable coefficient Burgers equation

H.P. Kruse, J. Scheurle, W. Du: A two-dimensional version of the Camassa-Holm equation

C. Muriel, J.L. Romero: C¥ symmetries and equations with symmetry algebra SL (2,R)

N.N. Nekhoroshev: Generalizations of Gordon's theorem

P.J. Olver: Moving frames: a brief survey

J.P. Ortega, T.S. Ratiu: Critical point theory and hamiltonian dynamics around critical elements

J. Palacián, P. Yanguas: Computing invariant manifolds of perturbed dynamical systems

S. Paleari: Periodic solutions for resonant nonlinear PDEs

B. Rink: A symmetric normal form for the Fermi Pasta Ulam chain

V. Rosenhaus: One dimensional infinite symmetries, boundary conditions, and local conservation laws

D. Sadovskii: Normal forms, geometry, and dynamics of atomic and molecular systems with symmetry

T. Tuwankotta, F. Verhulst: Higher order resonance in two degrees of freedom hamiltonian system

C. Wulff, G. Patrick, M. Roberts: Stability of hamiltonian relative equilibria by energy methods

J. Zak: Topologically unavoidable degeneracies in band structure of solids

B. Zhilinskii: Symmetry, perturbation theory, and Louis Michel