Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

SPT 2002 (SPT IV)

Cala Gonone, Sardinia, 19-26 May 2002 

List of Participants (final)

Name City Title of talk delivered
A. Abadi Utrecht (NL) -----
S. Abenda Bologna (I) -----
G. Belitskii Beer-Sheva (IL) Functional moduli of local 1d diffeomorphisms 
S. Benenti Torino (I) Some recent results on symmetry operators and separation of variables
C. Chanu Torino (I) Eigenvalues of Killing tensors and separable coordinates
G. Cicogna Pisa (I) -----
A. Degasperis Roma (I) Birth and properties of a new integrable PDE
F. Diacu Victoria (CAN) Qualitative properties of the anisotropic Manev problem
G. Falqui Trieste (I) Separation of variables and bihamiltonian geometry
S. Fatimah Utrecht (NL) Suppressing flow-induced vibrations by parametric excitation
Y. Fedorov Moscow (RUS) Steklov-Lyapunov type systems and their integrable discretization
G. Gaeta Roma and Milano (I) -----
G. Gentile Roma (I) Renormalization group and summation of
divergent series for hyperbolic invariant tori
D. Gomez-Ullate Madrid (E) Quasi-exact solvability and Calogero-Sutherland models
F. Grabsi Nice (F) -----
T. Gramchev Cagliari (I) Normal forms for vector fields and maps with linear parts having Jordan blocks
T. Grava London (GB) Z_n  curves Riemann-Hilbert problems and Schlesinger equations
J. Harnad Montreal (CAN) Matrix model integrals as Borel sums of Schur function expansions
A. Kopanskii Chisinau (MOL) Semi-local normal forms of vector fields
V. Kuznetsov Leeds (GB) Solution of inverse problem for integrable lattices 
S. Lombardo Leeds (GB) -----
J. McKay Montreal (CAN) Groups, finite, sporadic, discrete, and Lie and moonshine
R. McLenaghan Waterloo (CAN) Group invariant classification of separable Hamiltonian systems in the Euclidean plane
A. Mikhailov Leeds (UK) Perturbative symmetry approach
N. Nekhoroshev Moscow (RUS) and
Dunquerque (F)
Types and mechanisms of integrability on phase space submanifolds
P. Olver Minneapolis (USA) Moving frames for pseudo-groups 
J.P. Ortega Nice (F) Bifurcation around stationary solutions in symmetric Hamiltonian systems
G. Panati Trieste (I) Space-adiabatic perturbation theory
V. Planas Nice (F) -----
W. Plesken Aachen (D) Janet's algorithm
E. Previato Boston (USA) Some integrable billiards
B. Prinari Lecce (I) Discrete nonlinear Schroedinger systems
M. Procesi Trieste (I) -----
G. Pucacco Roma (I) Separable systems in two dimensions as bi-Hamiltonian systems
G. Rastelli Torino (I) -----
T. Ratiu Lausanne (CH) The analogue of the Euler-Poincaré equations in field theory
S. Rauch
Linkoping (S) Quasi-potential Newton equations: bihamiltonian structure and separability
B. Rink Utrecht (NL) Direction reversing traveling waves in the even Fermi Pasta Ulam chain
M. Roberts Guildford (UK) -----
K. Rosquist Stockholm (S) The geometric approach to finite-dimensional integrable systems
A. Sacchetti Modena (I) Schroedinger equations with symmetric double-well potential under the effect of nonlinear perturbations
J. Sanders Amsterdam (NL) Normal forms and spectral sequences
P. Santini Roma (I) Initial-Boundary-Value Problems for Integrable PDEs
G. Sartori Padova (I) -----
R. Smirnov Waterloo (CAN) and Paderborn (D) Group invariants for separable Hamiltonians defined on Lorenzian spaces of zero curvature
M.E. Sousa Dias Lisboa (P) -----
V. Tkachenko Beer-Sheva (IL) Functional moduli of local 1d diffeomorphisms 
R. Tudoran Lausanne (CH) -----
T. Tuwankotta Utrecht (NL) Relaxation-oscillation in system with widely separated frequencies
V. Tyuterev Reims (F) Effective Hamiltonians and rovibrational quantum nuclear dynamics in molecules
F. Unguendoli Modena (I) -----
G. Valente Padova (I) -----
A. Vanderbauwhede Gent (B) Continuation of periodic and relative periodic orbits in symmetric Hamiltonian systems
F. Verhulst Utrecht (NL) Behaviour near slow manifolds
C. Vernia Modena (I) Quasiperiodic traveling waves in coupled map lattices
S. Walcher Aachen (D) Integrating factors of plane analytic systems
J.P. Wang Amsterdam (I) Integrable systems in Riemannian geometry

The SPT2002 conference was organized by:
Simonetta Abenda (Bologna, I), Giuseppe Gaeta (Roma, I), Sebastian Walcher (Aachen, D)

Scientific Committee

S. Abenda (Bologna, I), D. Bambusi (Milano, I), G. Cicogna (Pisa, I), A. Degasperis (Roma, I), G. Derks (Guildford, GB), G. Gaeta (Milano, I), J. Lamb (London, GB), G. Marmo (Napoli, I), J. Montaldi (Manchester, GB), G. Sartori (Padova, I), M.E. Sousa Dias (Lisboa, P), F. Verhulst (Utrecht, NL), S. Walcher (Aachen, D), P. Winternitz (Montreal, CAN), B. Zhilinskii (Dunquerque, F)