Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

SPT 2002 (SPT IV)

Cala Gonone, Sardinia, 19-26 May 2002 


This is the content of the SPT2002 proceedings:
Foreword and Acknowledgements     v
Index   viii
S. Abenda The Mumford system for a hyperelliptically separable system with deficiency     1
S. Benenti An outline of the geometrical theory of the separation of variables in the Hamilton-Jacobi and Schroedinger equations   10
C. Chanu
G. Rastelli
Eigenvalues of Killing tensors and orthogonal separable webs   18
G. Cicogna Partial symmetries and symmetric sets of solutions to PDEs   26
V. Enolskii
T. Grava
On the Algebro-geometric solution of a 3x3 matrix Riemann-Hilbert problem   34
G. Falqui
F. Musso
Bi-Hamiltonian geometry and separation of variables for Gaudin models: a case study   42
S. Fatimah
F. Verhulst
Bifurcations in flow-induced vibrations    51
Yu. Fedorov Steklov-Lyapunov type systems   56
G. Gaeta
P. Morando
Quaternionic integrable systems   72
G. Gentile Renormalization group and summation of divergent series for hyperbolic invariant tori   82
C. Giberti 
C. Vernia
Stability of non-chaotic patterns in coupled map lattices   90
D. Gomez-Ullate
et al.
Quasi-exact solvability and Calogero-Sutherland models   98
T. Gramchev On the linearization of holomorphic vector fields in the Siegel domain with linear parts having nontrivial Jordan blocks 106
J. Harnad
A. Yu. Orlov
Matrix integrals as Borel sums of Schur function expansions 116
A. Kopanskii Smooth normalization of a vector field near an invariant manifold 124
V. Kuznetsov Inverse problems for SL(2) Lattices 136
R. McLenaghan
R. Smirnov, D. The
Group invariants of Killing tensors in the Minkowski plane 153
J.P. Ortega Some remarks about the geometry of Hamiltonian conservation laws 162
W. Plesken Janet's algorithm 171
E. Previato Some integrable billiards 181
G. Pucacco
K. Rosquist
Separable systems in two dimensions as bi-Hamiltonian systems 196
J. Ramirez et al. Classical and nonclassical symmetry reductions of the Schwarz-Korteweg-DeVries equation in (2+1) dimensions 210
B. Rink Traveling waves and monodromy in anharmonic lattices 217
M. Rodriguez Olmos
M.E. Sousa Dias
Symmetries of relative equilibria for simple mechanical systems 222
J. Sanders A spectral sequences approach to normal forms 232
G. Sartori
G. Valente
Rational parametrization of strata in orbit spaces of compact linear groups 241
V. Tyuterev Effective hamiltonians and perturbation theory for quantum bond states of nuclear motion in molecules 254
A. Vanderbauwhede
et al.
Branches of invariant tori and rotation numbers in symmetric hamiltonian systems: an example 267
J.P. Wang Generalized Hasimoto transformation and vector sine-Gordon equation 277
Conference program 286
List and addresses of participants 289
Papers appearing in previous SPT proceedings 291