Registered participants
Mark Ablowitz Boulder (USA) Chazy-Darboux-Halphen Systems
Ivan Andronov St.Petersburg (RUS) Zero range potentials as generalized models in structural acoustics
Ceni Babaoglu Istanbul (TR) Wave propagation in an elastic medium: GDS equations
Taoufik Bakri Utrecht (NL) Parametric Excitation in Nonlinear dynamics
Vivina Barutello Milano (I) Periodic solutions for the equivariant 3-body problem
Cinzia Belmonte Roma (I) -----
Sergio Benenti Torino (I) The geometrical  theory of the separation of variables in the Hamilton-Jacobi equation
Sergey Bolotin Madison (USA) Shadowing chains of collision orbits for the 3 body problem
Maria Santos Bruzon Cadiz (E) Similarity Reductions of an Optical Model
Mariano Cadoni Cagliari (I) -----
Francesco Calogero Roma (I) New solvable dynamical systems
Martin Celli Paris (F) N-body systems with vanishing total mass
Arrigo Cellina Milano (I) -----
Claudia Chanu Torino (I) Intrinsic Algebraic determination of orthogonal separable coordinate foliations for conformal separable and L-systems.
Anna Maria Cherubini Lecce (I) -----
Giampaolo Cicogna Pisa (I) -----
Monica Conti Milano (I) Optimal partition problems and competing species systems
Antonio Degasperis Roma (I) -----
Luca Degiovanni Torino (I) New examples of trihamiltonian structures linking different Lenard chain
Florin Diacu Victoria (CAN) Saari's Conjecture in the Collinear Case
Gregorio Falqui Trieste (I) Gaudin Models and Bending Flows: (bi)-Hamiltonian Properties and Separation of Variables
Francesco Fasso' Padova (I) Period-energy relation for quasi-hamiltonian systems
Frederic Faure Grenoble (F) Scars in quantum chaos
Mark Fels Logan (USA) A co-chain map for the G-invariant deRham complex
Davide Ferrario Milano (I) Some symmetric periodic orbits in the planar n-body problem
Toshiaki Fujiwara Sagamihara (JP) Synchronised Similar Triangles for Three-Body Orbit with Zero Angular Momentum
Giuseppe Gaeta Milano (I) -----
Maria Luz Gandarias Cadiz (E) New non local symmetries for a generalised  diffusion model
Rustem Garifullin Ufa (RUS) Construction of asymptotic solutions of the autoresonance problem
Guido Gentile Roma (I) Periodic solutions for zero-mass nonlinear wave equations
David Gomez-Ullate Bologna (I) The direct approach to quasi-exact solvability
Todor Gramchev Cagliari (I) Normal forms in Gevrey spaces for vector fields with non semisimple linear parts
Mikael Hansen Grenoble (F) Topological aspects of a simple model with fractional monodromy
John Harnad Montreal (CAN) Dispersionless hierarchies, logarthmic reductions and random matrix asymptotics
Wu-Yi Hsiang Berkeley (USA) Global Geometry of 3-Body Trajectories with Vanishing Angular Momentum 
Jacques Hurtubise Montreal (CAN) The geometry of the general Calogero-Moser system
Jens Jonasson Linköping (S) Quasi-Cauchy-Riemann equations
Abdelouahab Kadem Setif (ALG) The relation between topological structure of the set of controllable affine systems and topological structure of the set of controllable homogenuous systems in low dimension
Niky Kamran Montreal (CAN) Wave equations in Kerr geometry
Andy King Birmingham (GB) Rational perturbation methods for Boussinesq approximations in a two layer flow
Dmitry Korotkin Montreal (CAN) Tau-function on the Determinants of Laplace operators in singular metrics over Riemann surfaces
Ivan Kossenko Moscow (RUS) On Preservation of Action Variables for Satellite Librations in Elliptic Orbit with Account of Solar Light Pressure
Vadim Kuznetsov Leeds (GB) Well integrable and completely separable
Edwin Langmann Stockholm (S) Exact results related to the quantum elliptic Calogero-Sutherland system
Sara Lombardo Leeds (GB) Reductions of integrable equations. Dihedral group
Natale Manganaro Messina (I) -----
Gianni Manno Lecce (I) On symmetries of the equation of motion of a relativistic particle
Krzysztof Marciniak Norköpping (S) Geometric reduction of Hamiltonian systems
Vladimir Matveev Freiburg (D) Quantum integrability of the laplacians for geodesically equivalent metrics and Lichnerowicz conjecture
Ray McLenaghan Waterloo (CAN) An invariant classification of the orthogonally separable webs for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation in 3-dimensional  Euclidean space
Hil Meijer Utrecht (NL) Numerical normal forms for codim 2 bifurcations of fixed points with at most two critical eigenvalues
Robert Milson Halifax (CAN) Alignment and classification in Lorentzian geometry
Rick Moeckel Shoreview (USA) Finiteness for relative equilibria of the four-body problem
Paola Morando Torino (I) -----
Souichi Murata  Nagoya (JP) Renormalization group symmetry and gas dynamics.
Concepcion Muriel Cadiz (E) C-infinity Symmetries and Euler-Lagrange Equations
Jim Murdock Ames (USA) Some new methods in hypernormal form theory
Nikolai Nekhoroshev Milano (I) and 
Moscow (RUS)
Fractional classical monodromy
Simone Paleari Milano (I) Equipartition times in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system
Ernesto Perez-Chavela Mexico (MX) An anisotropic pertubation of the Kepler problem
Len Pismen Haifa (IL) Weakly dissipative vortex solitons
Juha Pohjanpelto Corvallis (USA) Differential Invariants for Pseudogroup Actions on Submanifolds
Antonio Ponno Milano (I) Energy cascade in FPU models
Barbara Prinari Lecce (I) Vector soliton interactions in continuous and discrete coupled NLS equations
Giuseppe Pucacco Roma (I) Integrable Hamiltonian systems with polynomial invariants
Orlando Ragnisco Roma (I) The ``Bruschi-Ragnisco" lattice revised: Classical and Quantum BTs and related interpolating flows
Giovanni Rastelli Torino (I) Remarks on Conformal Killing Tensors and Separation of Variables
Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski Linköping (S) Solution of the Jacobi problem of separation of variables
Jan Sanders Amsterdam (NL) Normal forms: theory and practice
Gianfranco Sartori Padova (I) -----
Luca Sbano Warwick (GB) Remarks on choreographic solutions in Lennard-Jones type potentials
Alexey Shabat Roma (I) and
Moscow (RUS)
Vasilisa Shramchenko Montreal (CAN) Real doubles of Hurwitz Frobenius manifolds
Vladimir Skarka Angers (F) Variational approach to soliton  generation and stability analysis of multidimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation 
Markus Sköldstam Linköping (S) Analysis of invariant manifolds and of asymptotic motions for the Tippe-Top
Roman Smirnov  Halifax (CAN) A new invariant theory: Invariants, covariants and joint invariants of Killing tensors
Massimo Tarallo Milano (I) -----
Marco Antonio Teixeira Campinas (BR) Invariant Varieties of Discontinuous Vector Fields
Susanna Terracini Milano (I) Periodic solutions for the FPU model
Dennis The Montreal (CAN) -----
Enrico Tolis Cagliari (I) -----
Roberto Tonelli Cagliari (I) -----
Vladimir Tyuterev Reims (F) Contact transformations of hamiltonians: signatures of classical and quantum chaos
Gianpaolo Valente Padova (I) Symmetry of singularities and orbit spaces of compact linear groups
Andre Vanderbauwhede Gent (B) -----
Andrea Venturelli  Avignon (F) -----
Ferdinand Verhulst Utrecht (NL) Invariant manifolds in dissipative dynamical systems
Gianmaria Verzini Milano (I) Optimal partitions problems and competing species systems
Raffaele Vitolo Lecce (I) -----
Sebastian Walcher Aachen (D) -----
Irina Yehorchenko Kiyv (UKR) Differential invariants for infinite-dimensional algebras
Boris Zhilinskii Dunquerque (F) Interpretation of quantum Hamiltonian monodromy in terms of lattice defects

The conference SPT2004 had 92 participants

Last updated: 10/6/2004