SPT 98 
Workshop - Roma 16-22/12/1998

Proceedings edited by A. Degasperis and G. Gaeta 
Published by World Scientific, Singapore 1999 
ISBN 981-02-4166-6

Tutorial papers:

G. Cicogna and G. Gaeta, "Nonlinear symmetries and normal forms"

A. Degasperis and M. Procesi, "Asymptotic integrability"

G. Derks, "Families of relative equilibria in hamiltonian systems"

G. Gentile, "Diagrammatic techniques in perturbation theory, and applications"

F. Verhulst, "On averaging methods for partial differential equations"

S. Walcher, "Orbital symmetries of first order ODEs"

Regular papers:

S. Abenda and Y. Fedorov, "The geometrical description of hyperelliptically separable systems"

D. Bambusi, "Behaviour of smooth solutions of hamiltonian PDE's close to non-resonant equilibrium points"

P. Bonckaert, "Smooth seminormal forms of symmetric and reversible systems"

P. Chossat, "Perturbation of robust heteroclinic cycles bifurcationg in the spherical Benard problem"

G. Cicogna, "Convergent normal forms, bifurcations and symmetries"

M.C. Ciocci and A. Vanderbauwhede, "On the bifurcations and stability of periodic orbits in reversible and symplectic diffeomorphisms"

A. Doliwa and P.M. Santini, "Planarity and integrability"

G. Gaeta, "On Poincare' renormalized forms"

T. Gramchev, "Simultaneous normal forms of perturbations of vector fields on tori with zero order pseudodifferential operators"

T. Kappeler, "Action-angle variables for KdV and applications"

J. Katriel, "Commutativity of supersymmetry with the isospectral transformations generated by the KdV hierarchy"

G. Lunter, "Computing normalizing transformations for hamiltonian systems in resonance"

T. Mel'nyk, "Perturbation of the spectrum of boundary-valkue problems in periodic thick multi-structures of type 3:2:1"

J. Montaldi, "Perturbing a symmetric resonance: the magnetic spherical pendulum"

B. Pelloni, "The Fokas transform method for the solution of initial boundary value problems for integrable evolution PDE's"

G. Sartori, "Orbit spaces of adjoint representations of compact simple Lie groups and Weyl groups"

L. Sbano, "Symmetry reductions and periodic orbits in the planar 3-body problem"

M.E. Sousa Dias, "Relative equilibria in linear elasticity"

V. Talamini, "Orbit spaces in superconductivity"

S. Walcher, "Reduction and invariant sets of vector fields admitting orbital symmetries"

M. Yoshino, "Simultaneous normal forms of commuting maps and vector fields"

Contributed papers:

P. Pronin and K. Stepenyantz, "Anomalies and exact results in supersymmetric theories"

A. Sergyeyev, "On time-dependent symmetries and formal symmetries of evolution equations"

N.A. Sidorov and V.R. Abdullin, "Interlaced branching equations and invariance in the theory of nonlinear equations"