Symmetry and Perturbation Theory
SPT 2004
Cala Gonone, Sardinia, 30 May - 6 June 2004

This page collects infos about the SPT2004 conference
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Here you find information for travel to Sardinia and for transfers within Sardinia
(including hotels in Olbia and Nuoro if you have to stop on your way);
see here about accommodation in Cala Gonone.

The conference will take place in Hotel/Villaggio Palmasera; this is owned by Tivigest.

Proceedings and tutorial papers for previous previous SPT conferences can be accessed via the SPT homepage .

Local  information (see also this link for more local infos)
Cala Gonone Dorgali More local infos
Nuoro Archeological sites near Nuoro Excursions
Sardinia Tourist info on Sardinia Sardinia postcards on line
Local weather forecast (Dorgali) Local weather forecast (Orosei) Local weather forecast (Olbia)

The SPT2004 conference is organized by:
Antonio Degasperis (Roma), Giuseppe Gaeta (Milano), and Barbara Prinari (Lecce)

The conference mail address is

Scientific Committee

S. Abenda (Bologna, I), D. Bambusi (Milano, I), G. Cicogna (Pisa, I), A. Degasperis (Roma, I),
G. Gaeta (Milano, I), V. Kuznetsov (Leeds, UK), G. Marmo (Napoli, I), P.J. Olver (Minneapolis, USA),
J.P. Ortega (Besançon, F), S. Rauch (Linkoeping, S), G. Sartori (Padova, I), M.E. Sousa Dias (Lisboa, P),
S. Terracini (Milano, I), F. Verhulst (Utrecht, NL), S. Walcher (Aachen, D), B. Zhilinskii (Dunquerque, F)

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