Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

For this conference, some "tutorial papers" are being prepared, like in 1998 and 2001.
The papers will be available to participants in preliminary form.

Tutorial papers for the SPT98 conference were published as part of the conference proceedings; tutorial papers for the SPT2001 conference were published as volume 70 of Acta Applicandae Mathematicae (see also the SPT web site).

These are the papers planned for SPT2004
All titles are tentative
  1 M.J. Ablowitz, 
J. Villaroel and 
B. Prinari
Discrete and continuous vector NLS systems
  2 S. Benenti Special symmetric two-tensors, equivalent
dynamical systems,cofactor and bi-cofactor systems
  3 F. Fassò Superintegrable Hamiltonian
systems: geometry and perturbations
  4 M. Fels Exterior differential systems with symmetry
  5 G. Gaeta Persistence of invariant manifolds for Lie algebras
  6 T. Gramchev and 
S. Walcher
Normal forms of maps: formal and algebraic aspects
  7 N. Kamran Cartan-Kaehler theory
  8 J. Lamb Reversible equivariant bifurcation theory
  9 J. Sanders Normal forms in graded filtered Lie algebras
 10 G. Sartori and 
G. Valente
Low dimensional orbit spaces of compact coregular linear groups
 11 S. Terracini, M. Conti and G.M. Verzini Variational approach to the segregation phenomenon
 12 F. Verhulst Time-scales induced by normal forms
 13 B. Zhilinskii Quantum monodromy as defect of regular lattice

G.Gaeta, 23 June 2004