sSPT (small SPT) 2023
Otranto (Apulia, Italy)

4-10 June 2023

The sSPT2023 workshop will take place at Hotel degli Haethey in Otranto (near Lecce, Apulia, Southern Italy)
on 4-10 June 2023.

Due to the present circumstances, the workshop will be of smaller size than previous SPT conferences; we expect about 50 participants, also to cope with COVID regulations in case of a pandemic recrudescence. All participants, in particular those traveling long distance, should be meant "to be confirmed" until near the conference date.

The meeting will be structured so to leave ample time for informal interactions among participants

The actual meeting will take place from the morning of monday 5 June to the late afternoon (and dinner) of friday 9 June; thus sunday 4/6 and saturday 10/6 are, respectively, arrival and departure days. We expect participants, and in particular speakers, to be in Otranto for the whole workshop period.

Invited Speakers (as of 28/2/23):

Contributed Speakers (as of 28/2/23):

  Titles & abstracts (preliminary version - 28/2/23)

  Conference poster

The sSPT2023 workshop is funded by
logo INdAM  logo UNIMI


G. Gaeta & S. Walcher,
with most precious assistance by R. Vitolo

ervation is now possible; for this, download the reservation form

and send it directly to Hotel degli Haethey (see address in the form)

All the "standard rooms" at Hotel degli Haethey are now booked; you
can still reserve, but only "superior rooms" are available. Please keep this
in mind when filling the
reservation form

Miscellaneous infos:

There will be no conference proceedings

There might be a conference fee, reduced for students, postdocs, unemployed and retired people.
The maximal possible amounts (payable in person at the conference) will be as follows:

Regular fee:  50€
Reduced fee: 25€

Participants are of course free to lodge elsewhere; for those staying in Hotel degli Haethey we have
secured convenient rates for Half-Board accommodation.

Rooms will be reserved for sSPT23 participants until 31 January and will have to be booked care of individual participants.
After this date, rooms will also be available to the general public.
Cancelations free of charge will be possible until April 30 (see details on the reservation form)

Hotel degli Haethey is within walking distance from Otranto train station and the beach;
nearest airports are Brindisi (95 km) and Bari (200 km). Details for transfer from airports
by public transportation will be circulated in spring.

In order t
o subscribe to our mailing list, send a message (even empty) with subject "subscribe" to (you might also send a copy to

You can now pre-register by filling the form (available in PDF or WORD formats)

The pre-registration form can also be used to propose a contributed talk
or (for invited speakers) to give a title/abstract.

Contributed talks

It has been possible to propose contributed talks, and a number of these have been accepted (see the titles & asbtracts booklet).
It is now not possible anymore to propose talks.

Poster proposals can be submitted until April 30.

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