SPT 2011

Symmetry and Perturbation Theory
5 - 12 June 2011, Otranto near Lecce (Italy)

Tentative list of plenary talks

Dmitri Alekseevsky  Moscow RU Para-Kahler geometry, the Monge-Ampere equation and the Monge-Kantorovich mass transport problem
Henk Broer Groningen NL Resonance and fractal geometry
David Chillingworth Southampton UK Symmetric bifurcation and phase transitions in liquid crystals
Antonio Degasperis Roma IT Integrable models of nonlocal wave interactions
Gianne Derks Guildford UK Perturbations of embedded eigenvalues for the planar bilaplacian
Konstantin Efstathiou Groningen NL Uncovering fractional monodromy
Mark Fels Logan US Symmetry reduction of differential systems and Backlund transformations for Darboux integrable PDEs
Todor Gramchev Cagliari IT Analytic regularity of solitary waves in the presence of symmetries
Heinz Hanßmann Utrecht NL Quasi-periodic bifurcation theory
Sergey Igonin Utrecht NL Lie algebras and algebraic varieties associated with PDEs and Backlund transformations
Toshihiro Iwai Kyoto JP Poisson mechanics treatment of a perturbed Kepler problem at negative and positive energies.
Oleg Kirillov Darmstadt DE The Velikhov-Chandrasekhar paradox in magnetorotational instability and related phenomena
Boris Konopelchenko Lecce IT Thom's catastrophes, gradient catastrophes and integrable systems of hydrodynamical type
Joseph Krasil'shchik Moscow RU Geometry of integrable systems
Boris Kruglikov Tromso NO Maximal symmetric models for differential systems and differential equations
Mark Levi State College US Arnold diffusion in a chain of coupled pendula
Michal Marvan Opava CK On integrable classes of isometric surfaces
Vladimir Matveev Jena DE Generalisation of Benenti systems for Kahler metrics
Paola Morando Milano IT Variational problems and exterior differential systems reduction
Concepcion Muriel Cadiz ES Lambda-symmetries and linearization problems
Franco Oliveri Messina IT Symmetries of quasilinear first order systems of PDEs
Chara Pantazi Barcelona ES Darboux integrating factors
Tudor Ratiu Lausanne CH Higher order Lagrange-Poincaré equations
Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski Linkoeping SE Analysis of dynamics for rolling and gliding rigid bodies: motion of the Tippe Top
Bob Rink Amsterdam NL Ghost circles and Aubry-Mather sets: from circle maps to statistical mechanics
Giuseppe Saccomandi Perugia IT Solitary Waves with Compact Support are Everywhere
Luca Sbano Roma IT Multiscale analysis in many-body systems
Alexander Veselov Loughborough UK Classical and quantum generalisations of Dirac magnetic monopoles
Pavel Winternitz Montreal CA Superintegrability in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
Boris Zhilinskii Dunquerque FR Rearrangement of energy bands: Chern numbers in the presence of symmetry

Tentative list of contributed papers

Igor Barashenkov Rondenbosch ZA Time-periodic solitons in a damped-driven NLS equation
Sergey Golovin Novosibirsk RU Curvilinear coordinates for fluids with frozen-in vector fields
Faruk Gungor Istanbul TR The pseudo-conformally invariant variable coefficient NLS equation and blow-up of its solutions
Vladimir Jacimovic Podgorica ME On geometry of Hopf bifurcation
Cihangir Ozemir Istanbul TR Variable coefficient NLS equations with four-dimensional symmetry groups and analysis of their solutions
Sergey Prants Vladivostok RU Dynamical symmetry and dynamical chaos in the atom-field interaction
Orlando Ragnisco Roma IT Backlund transformations for XXZ Gaudin and Kirchhoff top
Vladimir Rubtsov Angers FR Invariant Jacobian Poisson structures and integer solutions of Diophantian inequalities
Alexei Samokhin Moscow RU On symmetries of ordinary delay-differential equations
Cesare Tronci Lausanne CH Eringen's micropolar theory versus Ericksen-Leslie nematodynamics
Vladimir Tyuterev Reims FR A study of bifurcations and symmetry breaking in classical and quantum vibrational molecular dynamics
Ferdinand Verhulst Utrecht NL Extension of Poincaré program for integrability and chaos in Hamiltonian systems
Irina Yehorchenko Kiev UA Differential Invariants and Hidden Symmetry


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