SPT 2004
Symmetry and Perturbation Theory

30 May - 6 June 2004, Cala Gonone (Sardinia, Italy)

conference poster (AVDB) [5.8 Mb]
another conference poster [1.3 Mb]

The conference took place; in this page you can still access information about it
as well as about the proceedings and the related tutorial papers collection.

The conference received the financial support of:
GNFM-INdAM Universita' di Milano Dipartimento di Matematica, Milano Dipartimento di Fisica, Lecce

The SPT2004 conference was held, like SPT2001 and SPT2002, in the
Hotel Villaggio Palmassera in Cala Gonone near Dorgali (Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy).
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Proceedings are published by World Scientific;
there will also be a collection of tutorial papers.

You can still download the conference poster [5.8 Mb]
(picture taken by Andre Vanderbauwhede at SPT2001)
and another conference poster [1.3 Mb]

Scientific Committee:
S. Abenda (Bologna, I),  D. Bambusi (Milano, I), G. Cicogna (Pisa, I),
A. Degasperis (Roma, I), G. Gaeta (Milano, I),  V. Kuznetsov (Leeds, UK),
G. Marmo (Napoli, I), P. Olver (Minneapolis, USA),  J.P. Ortega (Besançon, F),
S. Rauch (Linkoping, S), E. Sousa Dias (Lisboa, P),  S. Terracini (Milano, I),
F. Verhulst (Utrecht, NL), S. Walcher (Aachen, D),  B. Zhilinskii (Dunquerque, F)

Organizing Commitee:
A. Degasperis (Roma), G. Gaeta (Milano), B. Prinari (Lecce), S. Terracini (Milano)

First circular (Jan) Second circular (Feb) Third circular (Mar) Fourth circular (Apr) Fifth circular (May)

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