SPT 2007
Symmetry and Perturbation Theory
2 - 9 June 2007, Otranto (Italy)

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The conference has now taken place. Many thanks to all those who made it possible !

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The SPT 2007 conference was held in Conca Specchiulla, Otranto near Lecce in
south-east Italy on 2-9 June 2007.

Proceedings will be published, as for previous SPT conferences, by World Scientific.

Scientific Committee:

Antonio Degasperis (Roma, I), Mark E. Fels (Logan, USA),
Giuseppe Gaeta (Milano, I), Todor Gramchev (Cagliari, I),
Peter J. Olver (Minneapolis, USA), Michela Procesi (Roma, I),
Stefan Rauch-Wojciechowski (Linkoeping),
Susanna Terracini (Milano, I), Ferdinand Verhulst (Utrecht, NL),
Raffaele Vitolo (Lecce), Sebastian Walcher (Aachen, D).


G. Gaeta, M. Procesi, R. Vitolo and S. Walcher

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